Since I get no clear information about what the other men think of Lennie I should try to judge it from the written words. We also get to know that Lennie ia a quiet man, so the men don’t get no clear impression of him. But I think they understand that Lennie has some mental problems, and they’re afraid him. Another reason is that Lennie is strong and can’t control it. Most of the men are staying away from Lennie.   


1: The Grapes Of Wrath won the Pulitzer Price.

2: John Steinbeck was born in 1902.

3: The Grapes Of Wrath, Of Mice And Men and The Forgotten Village were made in to Hollywood films.

4: Steinbeck wrote Of Mice And Men in  1937.

5: John Steinbeck was a war corespondent for the New York Herald Tribune during WWII.

6: Lyndon B. Johnson awarded him the United States Medal Of Freedom.

7: John’s museum is called The National Steinbeck Center.

8: Steinbeck was 66 years when he died.

9: The Moon Is Down tells us about the German occupation of Norway.

10: Of Mice And Men is about two farm workers, George and Lennie. Lennie is a strong guy with mental problems. He does lot of strange things. George is Lennie’s best friend, he looks after Lennie. They dream about having their own farm with some animals and a piece of land. But since Lennie does strange things and looses some jobs, their dream is a little unrealstic.



ELAINE: She’s a cind girl who’s hanging around with her gang. The leader of the gang is Cordelia, she’s decide evething Elaine does.

CORDELIA: As I wrote, she’s the leader who decide everything over everybody. Elaine especially. She can’t stand that others decied over her.

CAROL: She’s a good person. Carol is just as her friend, Elaine. She’s letting Cordelia take her decisions.

GRACE: Just as Carol and Elaine. Cordelias’s toys.

ELAINE’S MOM: She’s a good moteher, she try to get Elaine away from her friends who let Cordelia decie over them.


The theme in this story is that Cordelia bosses over her three friends. In the end Elaine decided to find new friends. And it’s just that the author’s try to tell us. If someone ‘s deciding over you, you sould leave them at once.


 I really liked this story, because Elaine is a strong girl who find new friends insteed og being bossed over by Cordelia.


We all know taht Jim isn’t Hucks’s biological father, it’s Mr.Finn who’s just after Huck’s money. Jim is Mrs. Watson’s slave. She’s Mrs. Douglas’s sister. She’s taking care of Huck. Mr.Finn came into the town, and he take Huck away to a small cottage, one day Huck finds a way to run away. He desides to sleepover at a island where he meets another runaway, Jim.

Together they desides to go to the free states, where Jim doesn’t have to worry about getting caught. Jim and Huck experience amazing things down the river. Huck really needs a person to take care of him, after all the mean things he’s father has done to him. Jim is cind to Huck, so their getting a father/son relationship during their journey.


1: 1884

2: A classic american succsess novel

3: $6000

4: Because of Huck’s money

5: Ji thinks Huck is the Sheriff

6: Because Mrs. Watson was trying to sell Jim

7: Huck understands that Jim is running from Mrs. Watson

8:We sould treat all rases in the same way, they sould be free to live as that want.


1: He’s real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Mark Twain is he’s pen name

2: He was born 30th Nov in Florida, where he grew up with his 6 brothers and sisters. 

3: Samule’s father died when he was 11, when his family had moved tp Mississippi.

4: Samuel got the name Mark Twain from when he was a pilot during the civil war in America.

5: He’s most famous books is ”The adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn”

6: Mark died of an heart-attack when he was 74 years old

7: He dided on 21th Aril 1910, in Connecticut

8: Ernest Hemmingway says that Mark is the founder of the american litterature

9: Many of his books is made in to movies, for example ”Huck Finn”

10: He married Olivia in 1870, they’ve goy two daughters. Both Oliva and his daughters died in 1900. 


Lennie is a farmworker who’s dreaming about having he’s own farm with George. George is working at the same farm as Lennie does. But Lennie have a big problem, he’s strong but he can’t control his temper. That sometimes leads to killing animals, like in this story. Lennie killed the farmer’s puppy. He’s sad of course, because he loves animals. I think that’s why he likes to work on a farm. But after he killed, he puppy is Lennie’s job at the farm  in danger.



A pun on the fairytale ”The 7th Father In The House”

Once opon a time there was a car who was on a trip. He was sick and tired, and he needed some rest and reparation. When he have droved for a very long time, he came to a car garage who was so nice that it could be a bus garage. -I’m looking forward to rest my motor here, said the car to himself.

Beside him it stood an old Ford from the 80’s who tried to get some gas out of an old gas pump. -Good evening,said the car. Can I barrow an garage for the night? – I’m not the boss here, drive in to my mate and ask him. He’s living in the first garage.

Than the car drove to an older, rusty Volvo who tried to start it’s own motor, without luck. The car asked the Volvo if he could barrow a garage for the night, but answer from the Volovo was the same. So he drove to an older and more rusty Golf, the asked the same question and got the same answer. – Drive further in to my mate, and ask him insteed.

The car did as the Golf said, and in the garage he saw ruined car who looked like it was bombed during the 2nd World War. -Good evening, can I barrow a garage for the night? – Don’t ask me, ask my mate. He’s living in the garage next to me. He drove to the next garage, who was a  smaler and more ugly garage. It looked like the car was from the 30’s, it could hardly speak. But he could speak as mutch as the car could hear that it was the same answer as from all the other cars. The car was tired now that he almost gave up, but he drove further in to a smaler and older than the past.

When he came into the garage he was shoced. It looked like it was the world’s first car or something. The car asked if he could barrow a garage for the night, but this time he got a different answer. He sould ask a car who hanged in a wire upon the roof in this garage. He saw around and then he saw an old tow truck hwo had light as big as floodlights. -Good evening, said the tired car. Can I barrow an garage for the night? -Yes, I think that will be allright came it down from the roof.

Than suddenly it came a table with oil,gas and all that the car needed. Than we was showed into an nice, luxuryus garage. The car have never been that released. He slept wel that night.


1: After lunch we played golf

2: The passengers arrived at the station just in time for their train

3: Try to come before dinner

4: Beyond the mountains we could see the setting sun

5: Mike passed by me without recognizing me

6: I woke up several times during the night

7: The house is on fire

8: What can i do for you?

9: She went by train from Trondheim to Oslo

10: What kind of wood is this chair made of?